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Archer Price Law provides premium legal services to protect businesses and help them thrive.
We combine cutting-edge legal analysis with practical business tactics to craft legal strategies that minimize risk, reduce taxes, and lay a solid foundation for security and growth. Through top-rate legal training, practice, and teaching, our team has cultivated a reputation for crisp, creative solutions to emerging questions in the legal field.


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ENTITY formation

Starting a new company requires a knowledge of legal regulation and state laws to protect your profits, employees, and business practices. At Archer Price, we focus first on helping clients select the proper corporate form in order to minimize liability and maximize profits. Whether forming a Single-member LLC, an S-Corp, or a C-corp, we ensure that our clients set themselves up for success when forming an entity. 

By conducting a comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ prospective business operations, funding strategies, and the economic context within which they work, we offer client-customized legal consult to form the organization that is right for each business. A solid organizational foundation is critical for future success, which is why having a skilled business lawyer on your side during the business formation process will set you up for growth and success.


By understanding regulations, limiting liability, and securing your company’s intellectual property through sound contracts, you can grow your business and ensure profitability. At the same time, these issues are complex, and many owners become tangled in regulations and complicated laws. At Archer Price we have the knowledge to to help you protect and grow your company through clear documentation of decisions you have made. We can help you with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contractual documents, from independent contractor agreements, to supplier agreements, and everything in between.

Before we work with any client, we take the time to get to know you and your company, including your prospective strategies for growth. We then create a solid business plan geared towards achieving your specific goals. Archer Price then drafts and reviews all contracts to ensure they are legally binding and fully comply with state and federal law. This up-front diligence prevents expensive future litigation, and secures more of your future profits for non-legal fees. 


Our employment law services help you protect your business and take care of your valued employees. Many business owners are not aware or do not take advantage of the range of protections these statutes offer both employers and employees, which can lead to unnecessary conflict, or even financial harm. Drawing on our expansive knowledge of state and federal laws, we offer services to businesses including dispute resolution, contract drafting and review, and planning to prevent any future disputes. 

Our firm can provide guidance in areas including hiring contract, severance agreements, wage and hour laws, non-compete agreements, and nondisclosure agreements. If a past or current employee is filing a lawsuit against you, Archer Price Law's goal is to work to resolve the issue and protect your business' current and future interests. We are equipped to represent you in all kinds of disputes, including: wage and hour disputes, labor law violations, wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuits, and more. 


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