Contract Dispute Attorney in Seattle

Employment Law Guidance

Contracts set the pace and contours of the work you do. They are the backbone of your relationship with your employees, and they delineate the way your business operates with third party contractors, vendors, and other service providers essential to everyday work.

Contracts should be thorough, well-vetted, and agreed upon by all parties. However, disputes may arise.

When a contract dispute arises, legal representation is critical to protect your liability as an owner and keep your business running and financially sound. Contact a Seattle employment lawyer at Archer Price Law today. We can be reached at (206) 539-1661.

How Archer Price Law Can Help In a Contract Dispute

Archer Price Law represents all business parties-- including owners, employees, landlords, and tenants-- in all contract disputes. Nicholas Price is a skilled negotiator and mediator that focuses on preventing serious disputes before they arise. Drawing on our Managing Partner’s experience as a professor and in practice, we artfully mediate and resolve issues among disagreeing parties, guiding you through agreed settlement and avoiding court whenever possible.

We offer assistance with the following business contracts:

  • Employment or vendor agreements
  • Shareholder and partnership contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements, noncompetes, and confidentiality agreements
  • Marketing contracts or other third-party agreements
  • Contracts with the government or government agencies
  • Stock purchase or asset agreements

Drafting & Negotiating Contracts

The easiest way to avoid a dispute is to set clear expectations from the beginning and in writing. Archer Price Law crafts thorough, watertight contracts that will insure your parties’ shared interests and expectations.

Call (206)539-1661 for guidance. At Archer Price Law, we offer free consultations to discuss your business.