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Archer Price Law provides premium legal services for the 21st century to help businesses and individuals protect and expand the work they do.

We combine cutting-edge legal analysis with practical business tactics to craft legal strategies that minimize risk, reduce taxes, and lay a solid foundation for security and growth. Through top-rate legal training, practice, and teaching, our team has cultivated a reputation for crisp, creative solutions to emerging questions in the legal field.

Grounded in process-based principles such as Six Sigma and Agile, our efficiency-based, on-demand operations enable us to meet client timelines for pressing legal demands. Our flat-fee pricing reflects our commitment to efficiency, a standard we believe our clients deserve. Our personable approach to legal counsel ensures client-driven outcomes and satisfying results.



At Archer Price Law, We provide entirely flat-fee legal services; there's no hidden retainer fees or unpredictable hourly billing. We feel that our clients deserve to know how much our services will cost from the get-go, so they can focus on running their businesses efficiently rather than worrying about how much their next legal bill will cost them. Bottom line: we'll tell you up front what your total legal bill will be.

Results You Can Count On

  • Transparent flat-fee price schedule
  • Experience and in-depth knowledge
  • Focused representation so you can grow your business
  • A deep understanding of the local community and economy
  • Dedicated to protecting your assets & financial security

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  • They provided high-quality services for an affordable price under a quick turnaround. Because of the firm's quality, I used them for numerous other legal matters.
    — Mark
  • “I highly recommend Nick!”

    Nick was a great resource for me. He helped me with general advice as well as setting up some initial contracts to hire people on to my team. I highly recommend Nick!
    — David B.
  • “Thank you Nicholas for all your help!!”

    Honestly, till this time I was never much of a lawyers person. Not that I had any problem with them but I preferred solving my problems directly without needing a third party. As a small business owner and after few basic trust mistakes on my behalf I found myself in a huge problem as my internet guy stole my website and used my company to do business under my name while taking the profits. After about a month or more of emails with Google yelp and different formats that were stolen from me I came to realize it's not going to be as easy as I thought. All that together with the fact that I must keep working daily while this matter takes most of my time made me realize that my best option is finding a lawyer. I opened the web and start my search. I knew roughly what I was looking for but wanted to find someone I can communicate easily with. I have talked to maybe 3-4 different lawyer before talking to Mr. Price. They where all nice and okay but when I talked to Nicholas I knew I found my guy. He was so easy to deal with, charged me a fair price (I've asked around) and most of all he solved my problem in a very professional way while giving much more of his time and effort then he needed, all to make my satisfied. Updated on every little thing, direct approach without being transferred from secretary to the other and stuff like that. Bottom line, Nicholas price other then being a brilliant lawyer he is truly a great guy that you can trust! Which for me was the most important thing. I will def keep Nicholas on my speed dial for any future issues. Thank you Nicholas for all your help!!
    — Hen O.
  • “We wouldn't be where we are today without Nick's support.”

    Nick was extremely professional, thorough, and transparent. He has a unique ability to take complex legal scenarios and break them down in order for clients to understand the concepts and the process as a whole. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable, but business focused. Nick created our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements, Technology Agreements, NDAs, designed our Options Plan, and provided overall general business council. We wouldn't be where we are today without Nick's support.
    — Mark T.
  • “I owe the success of my business to Nick.”

    I cannot recommend Nick Price highly enough! In fact, I owe the success of my business to Nick. He patiently walked me through ever step, from clearly explaining different business designations, their pros and cons, and tax ramifications, to handling the gambit of complicated paperwork involved with launching my company. He is incredibly thorough and prompt and his unique background as a educator is extremely helpful in conveying complex legalese in lay terms. Nick trained me to a well-educate advocate (teach a (wo)man to fish...) and my knowledge of business law has grown exponentially thanks to Nick. And, unlike so many attorneys, Nick is authentically empathetic and compassionate. He took the stress out of an otherwise very stressful process and launching my company was a genuinely fun and exciting experience. I continue to seek Nick's counsel as a grow my business and cannot imagine a better attorney to have in my corner.
    — Emily
  • "He has great follow up and I feel like I am his most important client."

    Nicholas has been my attorney and has proven his skills as an invaluable asset. He helped me set up my LLC, employee agreements, non compete agreements, and made sure my company documents were solid and enforceable. He has great follow up and I feel like I am his most important client.
    — Scott
  • “Incredibly valuable peace of mind.”

    I consulted Nicholas on an employee handbook the company I work asked me to sign. He helped me interpret all the document's clauses, explained why companies use certain clauses, possible scenarios in case of breach and potential legal repercussions with pertinent examples for each one. He was very knowledgeable and thorough, he explained the standard practices in my industry (advertisement) and provided useful information for possible negotiations with my employer before signing said documents. Incredibly valuable piece of mind.
    — J.C
  • “I would recommend Nickolas Price and his firm to all that I know.”

    Nickolas has given me 100% guarantee that Old Style Shoe Shine Co is heading in the right direction . Though it may seem like it takes time, I'm sure that all will come out in the end. He has helped in in all area's of my business, and if he didn't have the answer he found it later by asking around. I would recommend Nickolas Price and his firm to all that I know. His reasonable rate, has given confidence in the law practice. Thank you Nicholas for all your hard work with Old Style Shoe Shine Co. I look forward to a long and positive professional relationship.
    — Clayne
  • “Highly recommend!”

    Mr. Price helped my husband and me with setting up our new business. He helped with our contracts with landlord and vendors. He was professional and knowledgeable.
    — Kelly

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