Wrongful Termination and Discrimination Disputes

Seattle Employment Law Attorney

Strong employee relations ensure smooth, ongoing operations. When employee relations are strained or severed, businesses face susceptibility to wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits if they do not have proper agreements and contracts in place.These issues can have lasting effects on your company’s reputation and operations, especially if you are required to pay hefty restitution fees.

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Creative Solutions through Negotiation

The easiest way to prevent expensive litigation that disrupts your business operation is to prevent serious disputes before they occur. As a local Northwest firm, we take advantage of local regulations that prioritize dispute resolution through negotiation in a number of areas. In addition, we utilize technological solutions to counsel and negotiation, which means you may never have to come to our office or meet with the other party face-to-face.

What Can Archer Price LAW Do For You?

In addition to our negotiation prowess and local context expertise, our firm confers a number of benefits to the clients we serve.

In addition to this, our clients benefit from:

  • A skilled, Harvard-educated Seattle attorney and professor at Seattle University
  • Training at one of the nation's largest business law firms
  • Subscriptions to premium legal services to access high-end legal materials to advise your case
  • The latest electronic client management and case research software to ensure effeciency, conveniencem, and accuracy
  • A personable approach to understanding your needs
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